Mercenaries Dragon Build by IsekaiTruck (10399 MMR)

Proof IsekaiTruck

Long’xin – Bottle of Infinite Stars
Saurfang – Serrated Shield
Niuzao – Talisman of the Ox
Sinestra – Mana Brooch
Alexstrasza – Alexstrasza’s Brooch
Cookie – Appetizers

Starting Comp – Long’xin, Saurfang & Niuzao

Starting Lineup is Long’xin/Saurfang/Niuzao, the main combo which works really well is Niuzao’s Blessing of the Ox into Saurfangs Whirlwind since giving your party divine shield+extra health can help you dodge big swing turns from your opponent like vardens coldsnap, Long’xin can be used to either contribute to the Saurfang combo with Starfire Blessing or if your Niuzao is at risk of being sniped use among the stars to give it+Long’xin +17 health. Long’xins Among the Stars can also be a way of mind-gaming your opponent and can make them slip up and target the wrong mercenary with their abilities!

The first mercenary you’ll bring in when Niuzao/Long’xin dies will be Sinestra to start setting up her Twilight Extinction/Mana Barrier loop or cookie if you can snipe a hero with 10 health like Jaina, Alexstraza can be brought in after to either deal AoE damage with her Flame Buffet, Heal your Long’xin/Sinestra up with Dragon Breath or snipe a enemy green mercenary with high attack like Illidan

This comps been really good vs Lokholar/Jaina/Varden or Valeera/Grommash/Thrall, the only lineup I struggled with was Pure Orcs & Valeera/Varden/Belinda with the frost elemental equipment

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