Mercenaries Dragon Build by IsekaiTruck (13053 MMR)

Proof IsekaiTruck

Deathwing – Heart of Unliving
Nefarian – Spare Parts
Yu’lon – Pearl of Yu’lon
Sinestra – Mana Brooch
Long’xin – Band of Burning Nova’s
Cookie – Appetizers

Starting Comp: Deathwing, Nefarian & Yu’lon

Climbed up to 13k MMR with this dragon comp using two of the latest dragon mercenary’s, Deathwing & Nefarian who turn out to be bonkers at countering popular Valeera & Frost Decks populating the ladder right now, Starting lineup is Deathwing, Nefarian & Yu’lon. Vs frost you’ll want to focus Varden if their not running the deathrattle equipment or Lokholar/Jaina, vs GVT you’ll want to taunt Deathwing and focus thrall & vs dragons you’ll want to play passively and try to steal as much attack with Nefarians 2nd skill

Nefarion is the star of the show with his first skill letting him deal 26 neutral damage and summon a dragon and his equipment healing all your friendly dragons up to 10 health, this can even proc off his own death. His 2nd skill is good at either buffing your other dragons into a considerable threat or stealing 15 attack if your opponent is playing a dragon opener

Deathwing is a good protector tank with a high amount of health & durability thanks to the passive healing from Nefarian and Yu’lons 3rd equipment+health buffs from her 2nd skill. With his 1st equipment you can get extra cleave damage from his 1st skill to hit stealthed Valeera’s and you can his his taunt to shut down mercenary combos like Balinda+Varden turn 1

Sinestra & Cookie are good backline mercenary’s and the final mercenary you’ll bring off the bench is Long’xin who can gain 12-15+ arcane damage easy thanks to Nefarians 1st skill and help clean up any remaining enemy mercenarys with her 1st or 2nd skill

I’ve had alot of success with this comp even though I haven’t maxed Deathwing or Nefarion and im sure they’ll perform even better once maxed, I had good success vs GVT & Valeera Frost with decent success against dragon openers.

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