Mercenaries Frost Build by IsekaiTruck (12597 MMR)

Proof IsekaiTruck

Jaina – Iceblock Talisman
Long’xin – Bottle of Infinite Stars
Varden – Chilling Amulet
Sinestra – Mana Brooch
Diablo – Black Soulstone
Alexstrasza – Alexstrasza’s Brooch

Starting Comp: Jaina, Long’xin & Varden

Hit 12597 MMR in EU with this frost comp that feasts on other frost opponent openers. Starting lineup is Jaina, Long’xin & Varden and vs frost mirrors you either focus Lokholar or Belinda’s ice elemental. Long’xin can keep Jaina alive or avoid her iceblock from being popped with her 3rd skill and use her 2nd skill to punish an enemy varden’s/Lokholar’s AoE if she has enough health. The first mercenary you will usually bring in is Sinestra but Diablo can also be brought in once your Varden die’s to either Firestomp if hes faster or combo his apocalypse with your other mercenary’s like Sinestra’s AoE or Jaina’s Ice Floes if she’s still alive to 1-shot your enemy mercenary’s like Sinestra or Malfurion. Alexstrasza can be brought in last but shes versatile at healing your Sinestra/Diablo, using her flame buffet or her 3rd skill to 1-shot high damage green mercenarys like Xuen or Illidan.

This lineup has been really good vs frost lineups like Lokholar/Jaina/Varden or Varden/Lokholar/Belinda, only lineup that hard countered this was the Rexxar/Xuen/Mukla comp

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