Mercenaries Frost Build by Steffi (7750 MMR)

Proof Steffi

Lead: Jaina – Corny Luis – Varden

Jaina – Ice Block Talisman
Cornelius – Shield of Dawn
Varden – Chilling Amulet
Diablo – Black Soulstone
Cairne – Reincarnation
Blink Fox – (Ive been switching between Mana Runes and Tenth Tail)

Cornelius helps in the Beast MU that has been popping up for me a lot since the patch by redirecting Apex Predator damage from Jaina or Varden into him and tanking hits. He pretty much gives Jaina a second Ice Block sometimes.

Blink Fox Ive been running Mana Runes mostly but recently tried Tenth Tail again and they are both great!
Tenth Tail makes Blink Fox an overall better Merc on her own but Mana Runes can lead to heavy pop off turns with Cold Snap or Fire Stomp/Apocalypse to deal insane damage or skip the opponents turn (with Cold Snap) at 0 speed!

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