Mercenaries Nature Build by Equivoco (14000 MMR)

Proof Equivoco

Starting Composition: Eudora (left side), Grommash (middle), Valeera (right side)

Equipment: Eudora (Primed Armaments) , Grommash (Halting Sash) , Valeera (Unnatural smoke) , Malfurion (Liferoot Staff) , Cookie (Appetizers) , Bru’kan (Lightning rod).

The strategy of this comp is to smartly use Eudora’s skillset in order to protect your team against enemies’s Valeera and at the same time to protect your Valeera as well. Eudora’s cannon will prevent either a 2 skill shots from your opponent or an entirely attack from Valeera, and her Covering Fire can be used on your Valeera to heal and reposition. Remember that bounced back units keep their enhancements, so Valeera will keep her stealth if bounced correctly, use this to your advantage whenever you need to outspeed your opponent.

– vs any LK comp without Valeera: Use Grommash 2nd ability on their LK and then switch the cannon summoned via battlecry to the right and summon another one to the right: LK will swing into Grommash since it’s firstly in the middle, by slowing him you have time to stealth Valeera and actually smartly position Grommash between 2 cannons;
– vs Frost/Tirion: Keep always an eye on your cannon’s health, you have to play around 2 Deathblows: always take the snap, since snap will happen after all your moves so you don’t mind the freeze, but don’t give TIrion a chance to proc the Divine shields, if needed suicide your cannons!
– vs Shadow Valeera/Samuro: I would recommend to go all-in on Natalie, she is the most supportive and dangerous in late game.
– vs Nature Samuro: If Bru’kan is in the middle, I would recommend going into Malfurion, if Bru’kan is on the side then full focus him, once one of them is dead focus on the other one, Samuro is not a threat yet, but Malfurion’s heal and Bru’kan’s scale might lose you the game.

Bad match-ups so far:
– Grom-Thrall-Valeera: This is decided T1, if you win the flip with your Grom (vs his Grom) then Valeera is safe in stealth and you might lose Eudora (depends on the RNG since Thrall will automatically attack an available unit), otherwise losing the flip means Valeera is most likely dead and your Nature bench needs to carry out (in most of the cases very hard to recover);
– Blink Fox: It’s always hard to play against this, you never know what’s in the Blink (unless opponent runs 3rd equipment, which is likely not to happen): Depending on the start-up, you might set up an early kill and then full focus on his Cairne/DIablo, don’t try to set up a double kill otherwise is hard to recover from both Cairne/Diablo, always try to kill them 1 by 1.
For the rest, I let you guys try it out and find yourselves the perfect synergy!



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