Mercenaries Nature Build by Jiwling (12171 MMR)

Proof Jiwling

Starting Composition: Valeera, Cornelius, and Brukan

Equipment: Valeera: Unnatural Smoke, Cornelius: Shield of Dawn, Brukan: Lightning Rod, Malfurion: Liferoot Staff, Anduin: Ring of Health, Cookie: Appetizers

Start with Valeera, Cornelius, and Brukan. Try to ramp with Brukan and make sure the first to die is Cornelius. The goal is to arrive at the ideal trio setup: Valeera in stealth, Malfurion, and ramped Brukan. Once you have these 3 together in good health, it becomes very difficult to take any of them down. I once used the trio to roll over 6 enemy mercenaries and ended the game with all of them in full health.

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