Mercenaries Shadow Build by Cloudyworlds_HS (8545 MMR)


Went from 6.5k to 8.5k in 2-3 days with this deck. It farms Nature comps, is surprisingly decent into Beasts and everything in general that does not close the game with Blink Fox. I faced a Holy comp twice, which absolutely hardcounters this deck, but all in all the deck seems well positioned right now.
Always start with Triple Blue. Against Varden/Tavish comps I cycle Anathema and Benediction aggressively. Always look out for good Cold Snap turns that lock the opponent out of their turn. Against Double Green I usually pull Cairne in first, against Double Blue usually Diablo (Cairne if I can guarantee him not taking a million damage from them). Then it is usually a Cairne + Diablo mirror with Kurtrus hitting the board last.
If your opponent saved Ragnaros, Sylvanas or even Gruul for last you usually win since Kurtrus can handel them all really well. If your opponent ends on a Blue unit that is not Blink Fox it is still very winnable with the selfheal and a well timed Apocalypse or Fire Stomp. If he ends on Blink Fox you basically have to pray he misplays, or are very ahead on HP, else he will make you cry.

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