Mercenaries Shadow Build by Mingzi (8002 MMR)

Proof Mingzi

Thrall(Doomhammer) – Valeera(Unnatural Smoke) – Grommash(Halting Sash) – Tavish(Rigged Wiring) – Tamsin(Shadow Rune) – Vol’jin(Ring of Haste)

Very flexible comp, generally start Thrall/Valeera/Grom, but if you know what the opponent is playing you can start Grom/Valeera/Tavish or Voljin/Tamsin/Valeera. Many variations of this comp exist with different backlines, the strongest I’ve seen so far being Rogers/Diablo/Cookie. This build has more flexible openers, but the R/D/C backline has higher AoE potential.

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