Mercenaries Shadow Build by Steffi (10040 MMR)

Proof Steffi
  • Kazakus – Wildvine
  • Valeera – Unnatural Smoke (who would’ve guessed :4Head: )
  • Vol’jin – Ring of Haste
  • Cairne – Reincarnation
  • Diablo – Black Soulstone
  • Sylvanas – Deathvolley

Win Cons:

  • Steal enemy mercs with Kazakus when he goes into Dragon Form (I usually try to identify my win con first and if my main win con isn’t Sylvanas I go for 20/20 Taunts and if 1 or 2 stick on the board I transform into a 33 Attack Dragon)
  • Cairne Diablo Shenanigans
  • Sylvanas (gets insanely huge with all the tokens Kazakus spawns, same goes for Diablo who gains 10 HP whenever a token dies)

When a merc dies (usually Vol’jin gets focused) I bring in Diablo if I have Speed Up with Valeera and can get KOs instantly (Apocalypse + Dragon Form Kazakus is very nice) or Cairne if I need speed control

I’m not using Kazakus’ first ability right now because I don’t have it leveled but it is supposedly very strong as well LOL
comp made me climb from 9k ish to 10k with 73% WR

BIG TIP: against varden jaina lokholar opener, just do fan of knives pass, nothing else. seems weird but it works

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