Mercenaries Shadow Frost Build by I984isnow (14000 MMR)

Proof I984isnow

Starting Composition: Eudora/Jaina/Varden

67% (30-15) with this from ~10000 to 14000 MMR. Important to identify early if Jaina is in the specific matchup more of a wincondition (vs nature for example) or if its more important to keep Eudora alive (vs Casters/Valeera). In general summon as many cannons with Eudora as possible to soak up Valeera attacks, bounce her back and increase Sylvanas dmg in the process. Tirion usually 4th for divine shield on your dmg dealer (Eudora/Jaina) or to take dmg of the board with his 2-speed spell. Try to let him die with cannons/water elementals on board, they all get buffed. If opponents Valeera still alive Sylvanas early can pull her out of stealth with For the Queen. Usually though Voljin/Big Sylvanas as 5th/6th and finishers.

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