Mercenaries Summon Rush Build by Jiwling (12171 MMR)

Jiwling 2
Proof Jiwling 2

Starting Composition: Eudora, Mukla, and Malfurion

Equipment: Eudora: Primed Armament, King Mukla: Big Bro, Malfurion: Liferoot Staff, Sylvanas: Death Volley, Saurfang: Serrated Shield, Cookie: Appetizers

Tired of playing against Valeera when you don’t have one? This comp is for you. Over 80% winrate against Valeera comps. Open with Eudora, Mukla, and Malfurion. Eudora spams Cannons while Malfurion keeps everyone alive. Saurfang prioritizes summons unless Diablo hits the board, in which case you make do until Diablo dies. Sylvanas comes out late game and uses Reclaimed Souls to gain +50 atk and finishes out the game.

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