Official Meta Report | Mike Donais & Peter Whalen leaving Hearthstone

Galakronds Awakening - Mike Donais

Offical Meta Report

Senior Game Designer August Dean Ayala (also known as Iksar) published a Meta Report

» Top Population

Embiggen Druid

Galakrond Rogue

Galakrond Warrior

Highlander Hunter

Highlander Rogue

» Top Population

Aggro Hunter

Combo Priest

Highlander Hunter

Mech Paladin

Quest Hunter

Mike Donais is leaving Hearthstone

Mike Donais is known to answer a lot of questions by Twitch Chat in several Twitch Stream, the same he did today on Dog’s Stream.

Mike announced he is no longer working on Hearthstone, but on a other project for Blizzard. It is a game, he can’t announce it.

Mike is in the Game for Hearthstone since 2014 and became a Lead Game Designer in 2018. This leads persons to think that it might be something Hearthstone related. This all just calculation tho, if we learn more I will inform you on this website!

Mike Donais - Leaving Hearthstone
Mike Donais - He is still with Blizzard

Peter Whalen is leaving Hearthstone

Peter Whalen just tweeted that he also left Hearthstone, working on a project with Mike.