Omnislash Game Companion just launched

What is the “Omnislash Game Companion”?

The app lets players feel the impact of their plays through real-time analysis. Plus, the app tracks the cards in the friendly players’ decks to allow them to better out-maneuver their opponents and improve their winrate.

Let’s start with the Game Analysis. During the game, the Omnislash Game Companion will present players with a turn-by-turn, event-by-event, graphical representation of the game. Leveraging Omnislash proprietary metrics that track the most important parts of the game for players. It will track whose minions have the greater strength and momentum, whose position is strongest in the game, and how efficient was each individual play. The game analysis allows players to better understand game dynamics and boost their awareness in each match of Hearthstone they play by utilizing these metrics:

  • Omnislash Board Advantage: the strength of a player’s board as determined by the number of minions, as well as their strengths and abilities. As the graph goes up, the player has the advantage controlling the board. As the graph goes down, the opponent has the advantage.
  • Omnislash Resource Advantage: an average assessment of the strength of your position in the game, as determined by game-factors: cards-in-hand, cards-in-deck, Life and a lil’ bit of secret sauce
  • Omnislash Board Impact: what change did each action make to your Board Advantage?
  • Omnislash Resource Impact: what change did each action make to your Resource Advantage?
  • Omnislash Play Efficiency: for played cards, how much impact did they have to your Board Advantage relative to their mana cost; for attacks, how much Board Advantage did you gain relative to the overall strength of the board?

On the left side, you can see a graph detailing the events of each turn as they unfold in your game. On the right side, you can see the highlights of each turn and the card you played that had the most impact. When you mouse over the graph, you will see each event and their corresponding set of data, the card played and play type. At the end of each match, the Game Companion will present you with a full recap of the match plus your most value-full play.

The software is designed to support all different types of playstyles and players — from casual to competitive — and they want to build it with the community. They are releasing the Game Companion in Open Beta to collect feedback and testing from the community so that we can deliver the best experience possible at launch. You can find their list of known issues, including some solutions to common problems, here. If you’ve discovered something new, report it on their Discord channel.

This initial Beta phase of the Omnislash Game Companion only supports match analysis for the most recent game, but in the future players will be able to compare their entire history of Hearthstone games. As they generate a steady input of data from users, the app will provide more accurate metrics, predictions, and analysis.

The Omnislash Game Companion is free to download on PC. Players can download the program starting today

Personal Opinion

I started playing with the Hearthstone Decktracker in 2015 when people thought it was cheating. I started to love the tool and never want to play without it again. Decktracking, Cardtracking, Turn timer, secret checker and many more tools made the tool awesome.

Omnislash Game Companion has some additional tools, such as Turn Tracker. This is nothing I personally need, but I think if I watch a stream on my second monitor something like this is cool. Also if you play with a friend or any kind of viewer.

The more important part obvious is Game Analysis and for me, this is the only reason I will use the tool. Allowing me to look at some stats based on my games is such a cool idea, how bad is really a coin hero power?

If you like stats, analyzing your games and just look deeper into the deck, I can recommend it.

If you don’t like stats the only real different to HsDecktracker is the design and the team behind it. If that’s worth a change – I don’t know.

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