Pirate Rogue #139 Legend – Magog

Pirate Rogue #139 Legend - Magog

Decided to play some Pirate Rogue after my initial run in legend with Kael’Thas Druid. Got to 139 before calling it a night. The Amalgam of the deep and Swindle are flex slots and can be changed to Freebooter, Frenzied Felwing, or Cult Neophyte depending on what you wanna do in certain matchups. Played against a lot of the mirror so just wanted more value, but I think any of the options are perfectly fine. Once the nerfs come in on Tuesday, prepare to face a lot of this deck, its going to be everywhere. Shout out to Zainegardner, KnucKleZ, and Ironic for keeping me sane during the grind.

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