Questline Demon Hunter #96 Legend – TCTphantom

Questline Demon Hunter #96 Legend - TCTphantom
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Bronze 10 to top 100 legend with 10x with Ilgy DH. The best part of adding Tight Lipped Witness to the deck was being able to dodge every quest mage on ladder the second I put her in.

Ilgynoth DH low key kinda solid, probs t2.

Aggro: Baby Clears carry, unless aggro gets the nuts you can reasonably stabilize
Druid: borderline free with proper draw, esp since many aren’t running Loatheb
Reno Shaman: If they don’t find Loatheb it’s free. If they do it’s sad boy hours.
Even Warrior: free
Questline Warlock: Low HP makes combos easier ^_^

Miracle Rogue: If they bounce Loatheb it’s a bad time. If not, doable mu
Holy Wrath Paladin: it’s a fun game of resource management staying above 25 and knowing what risks you should take
QLDH: If you get mana burned or glided it’s sad boy hours. Otherwise, a good unleash Fel turn can carry the mu.

Mine rogue/Alex Rogue: you ride or die by mana burn. If you don’t have a combo t6 it’s over.
Quest Mage: I like running a 3 mana 2/5 in almost every mu to turn this from unwinnable to just bad.

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