Questline Druid #9 Legend – Dann (Score: 28-19)

Questline Druid #9 Legend - Dann
Proof Dann

E.T.C.’s Band:
# (1) Naturalize
# (5) Waste Warden
# (3) Tight-Lipped Witness

Hello Everyone my name is Dann I want to present my most recent version of Questline Druid, this version includes some specific Tech cards in the ETC Band, one of them is a 3 mana 2/5 minion who makes secret not activate, this completely wins the Quest Mage matchup, because the Ice Blocks don’t activate, so I turn a highly unfavourable matchup to a win. I also have a Naturalize in there to make some Twig Sphere Druids overdraw their win condition and turn a very unfavourable matchup into a win with a lot of luck. Also I have a Naturalize in my main deck to do the same thing, how many times has it work? Zero. But sometimes pure agression beats Druids who draw poorly. Also Naturalize works against a deck of a specific guy that I encountered quite a lot on the ladder who makes like a 24/24 Edwin, if I get to Naturalize that I just win the game and climb the rank. Also I have a Waste Warden in there, this can be used to be a good board clear against Shaman Murloc Source (kills almost every single murloc since they have 3 life or less), also can kill boards full of Pirates, and also can be the final estabilizer against Totem Shaman sometimes. Against the mirrors, well I don’t encounter a lot of mirrors but I’m quite confident that the two Naturalizes might win the mirror. This is definetly not the final version, I think this deck can be more refined, I find some cards that are not that good in there that maybe I could change in the future to make a even more effective deck. But I got Top9 anyway, let’s see how can I make this deck even more refined in future!

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