Renathal Control Priest #105 Legend – Atraxi

Renathal Control Priest #105 Legend - Atraxi
Proof Atraxi

E.T.C.’s Band:
# 1x (4) Shadow Word: Ruin
# 1x (5) Steamcleaner
# 1x (3) Rustrot Viper

This deck is the nuts in the current legend meta. Enrage warrior is the most abundant deck in high mmr and this deck slaps it in the face (80/20 matchup).

Below I’m including some helpful tips and strats that helped me climb into legend quickly. I am only including matchups that have appeared the most in my climb.

Enrage Warrior – Shard of naaru is your friend. This card allows you to shut down enrage pop off turns. Be careful with playing your 1-Drops as they allow for free procs for your opponent. General gameplan is to stall and stabilize using your cheap spells and locations until you can get to turn 7 and pop off amanthul or behemoth, which by then you are just winning. Stay away from rat in this matchup.

Rainbow Mage – Your goal here is to either rat out sif before the pop off turn or armor out of range. You want to get stuff out on the board in the early turns with your cheap minions since the mage will be trying to generate all their rainbow nonsense. They will most likely save reverberations for your titan so be prepared to answer. The gameplan is to apply as much pressure as you can and answer their threats and win by either pulling their Sif with dirty rat or use a massive Ignis weapon to give your self loads of armor. Save whirlpool and clean the scene for their elemental inspiration spell. Save rat until you are sure they have sif in hand.

Pure Paladin – In this matchup you want to challenge the board early with your 1-Drops to trade off with their minions. Their entire gameplan is throw minions down and buff them to kill you quickly. You can answer their board easily with holy nova and negate buffs with shard of naaru. Cannibalize is your friend to counter minions buffed with The Gardens Grace. General gameplan for you is to meet their early boards with your cheap minions and AOE spells until they are out of stuff. Their last ditch win con is The Countess so play around any charge/buff legendaries if you are low on HP.

Thad Warlock – Since this is a slower deck you have time to prep for their pop off turn. Shadow Word Ruin is run in E.T.C for this matchup specifically to counter the 4/7/7 and location. Save shard of naaru for their slime to essentially delete a minion. Your MVP in this match is Amanthul who can remove Thad/Dar’Kan/Flesh Behemeth from entering the res pool. Since Thad Warlock is also a pretty reactive deck, you have time build a responive hand without too much threat on the board.

Mech Rogue – Shard of naaru is the best shut down for any buffed up mechs that should be saved for mechs that enter stealth. Since they are a snowbally deck you want to mulligan for cheap remove and silence to counter these mechs before you can no longer answer them. I have not run into many of these but the gameplan is similar to enrage warrior.

Arcane Hunter – Probably the hardest matchup on ladder. This is due to the fact that most of what they do comes directly from hand or weapons. Generally you want to have as much healing capabilties as possible. Holy nova is nuts to answer the 4/2 panther or the 4/1 worms. Dirty rat is really good for this matchup to shutdown minions like Ancient Krakenbane. If you are able to play Ignis, go for a 5-mana lifesteal/armor combo.

Other matchups follow a general plan on playing reactively to the board and shutting down anything before it can mess you up. Steamcleaner is run for Plague DK + Fizzle however I have seen either of these once on my climb. Theotar and Sister Svalna are very useful for the mirror. Good luck!

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