Renathal Reno Paladin #46 Legend – Dreamchaser (Score: 9-0)

Renathal Reno Paladin #46 Legend - Dreamchaser

Smooth sailing this time with this specific version of Reno Paladin (previous iteration was somewhere around 6-4, but deck improved a lot after cutting DQA & Neptulon). Renathal with some good early game makes the rogue matchup much better imo and Denatharius seems to add some lethality this deck really needed. Definetely seeing some potential here but I expect to still struggle into Quest Mage / Allignment meta (I was lucky enough to not face these 2 decks during my climb). Sunstrider preformed a bit better than I expected originally but I can see being cut in refined lists (if any will show up). Still, had my fun this month.

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