Reno Paladin #74 Legend – Dreamchaser (Score: 19-13)

Reno Paladin #74 Legend - Dreamchaser

Got legend with this list from around silver (not including phone games and data from other variants) to #74 EU with 19-13 (59%) winrate. A bit of a clunky month this one, but it was overall fine.
Some opinions about this deck:
– Spinley bad (95% sure);
– Golakka necessary vs Pirate Rogue;
– Onyxia seems like a correct cut (at least in this meta), dragontamer w/ only noz seems to perform fairly well;
– Hand of A’dal seems like a corret cut, Equality and RD are both much more important vs Big Shaman or Evenlock;
– Stop cutting Loatheb and/or Zola;
– Could cut Armor Vendor or Golakka for Coilfang Constrictor (vs combo), Neptulon (if you like fun, didn’t try him cuz no mini set) or Deathwarden / Starfish for Naval Mine (if you really hate that deck). Rest is pretty much perfect 28/29 to me (for now).

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