Reno Shudderwock Shaman #380 Legend – Glancealot

Reno Shudderwock Shaman #380 Legend - Glancealot
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Patched Reno Shudder Shaman

I brought a 3rd account that I haven’t touched in a while from Bronze 10 to top ~400 legend over ~250 games with Patched Reno Shudder Shaman. Refined the deck along the way and tried out various things. Solid 60%+ win rate throughout the climb: bronze to plat 6 (65 games, 75% win rate), plat 6 to diamond 2 (62 games, 73% win rate), diamond 1 to ~L1100 (65 games, 66% win rate), ~L1100 to ~L400 (69 games, 61% win rate). See pictures attached.

There is no unwinnable match-up if you make optimal plays.

Mulligan guide: Never keep any overload card due to investment opportunity. Always keep trawler and ice fishing. Almost always keep schooling, except against mage. don’t keep viper even against rogue if you don’t have any of ice fishing, schooling or trawler. Always keep Astalor against reno priest. Always keep Loatheb against mage.

I have played about 600 games of reno shudder shaman this season. Leave the pirate package alone, there is nothing better than trawler on turn 2, into a key card (Loatheb against mage, for example) and pulling Patches at the same time. You can also Cold Storage an opponent’s pirate (including an amalgam) and use it to pull your own Patches.

Non-core cards of this list, feel free to adjust:

  • Zephrys the Great (it’s funny that this is literally one of the weakest cards in the deck)
  • Investment Opportunity (becomes core if you run Ancestral Knowledge in addition to Lightning Bloom and Lightning Storm)
  • Lightning Bloom (non-core if you don’t run Investment Opportunity)
  • Rustrot Vipe: included as a tech card + half draw (not a full draw as it also put itself back into the deck, so not really thinning the deck), can be replaced with Ancestral Knowledge (which would get tutored by investment opportunity) if you don’t run into many rogues, which is unlikely
  • Glacial Shard (inside ETC right now)
  • Boompistol Bully (inside ETC right now)

Every single card besides these 5 + 2 (inside ETC) = 7 cards is core.

E.T.C.’s Band:
# 1x (5) Kobold Stickyfinger
# 1x (5) Boompistol Bully
# 1x (1) Glacial Shard

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