Reno Warlock #354 Legend – Monos

Reno Warlock #354 Legend - Monos
Proof Monos

Very strong against aggro and control. Against Combo decks I have only altar of fire (for Raza Priest who use Polkelt for example)

This deck can beat Secret Mage with secret eater, armor vendor (with Barista it can turn insane) and it forces Secret mage to throw fireball on Depth Charge or Doomsayer
You have no real spell so you don’t fear counterspell at all

The strategy is the same against other aggro decks (pirate warrior, odd DH) : just mulligan for the lowest cards and everything will be OK

Against Control deck , prioritize mulligan for Deck of Chaos , Zephrys, Kazakus..
Pay attention to Renolock because of Tickatus who can beat you, but you have altar of fire when you are on fatigue to drop him 3 cards from his deck.

The soularium is for when you have played the deck of chaos , or to search a solution (Reno, defile…)
The deck is not fragile at all ,also when the opponents try to break your highlander’s synergies

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