Reward System for Hearthstone: Including a Battle Pass?

In an email that was sent out to some players, Blizzard asked very detailed for feedback and shared potential changes for the game’s rewards and progression system.

As shared in the Year of the Phoenix Roadmap Achievements & Progression are announced for Phase 3, between December 2020 and April 2021.

» What does it include

  • Cosmetic titles and badges to display with your name
  • Card backs, alternate art for certain cards, alternate art for The Coin, new hero skins, and upgradeable hero skins
  • Arena tickets
  • Customizable visual emotes
  • 10% dust discounts for crafting cards from the most recent expansion.
  • Various combinations of random golden, non-golden, disenchantable, non-disenchantable epics and legendaries from current expansion, standard rotation, or Classic
  • Card packs and golden packs from current expansions, standard rotation, or Classic
  • Battlegrounds perks such as getting the four hero selection, early access for heroes, and stats

» How does it work?

As explained in the survey, it would remove Gold rewards from daily quests, winning 3 games, and achievements. Instead, you will earn experience for them.

Per week you can earn up to 9000 Xp, in total for the 100 main Levels you would need 145000 which would equal to almost 4 months, an entire expansion cycle.

» Reward Breakdown

» Total Rewards

Free Rewards

  • 18 Packs for the Latest Expansion
  • 14 Packs for a Prior Standard Expansion
  • 4 Arena Tickets
  • 2 Legendary Cards
  • 2 Epic Cards
  • A choice of a Hero Skin (unknown list)
  • Expansion related Card Back
  • Almost 4k Gold

Paid Reward

All Free Rewards and…

  • 1 Non-disenchantable Golden Legendary (Likely a unique legendary and not random)
  • 2 Upgradeable Hero Skins (3 levels of upgrades each) (Jaina and Rexxar)
  • 20% XP Boost for the Pass
  • Alternate Art for The Coin

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