[Theorycraft] Jade Late-game Bomb Druid – Alphacord

[Theorycraft] Jade Late-game Bomb Druid - Alphacord

Alphacord Discord: As Twitch streamer Day(9) once said, “Well this turn I will summon a larger and larger man which will allow me in later turns to summon an even larger man”. Jade Druid has existed for a very long time now and has always had a similar game plan; get to the late game, summon big boys. Early game often features ramp and card draw to get to your late game bombs while using various removal and anti-aggro tools to not die, like Jasper Spellstone, Poison Seeds, Spreading Plague, Starfall, and lots, and I mean lots, of armor. AoO brought Kael’thas to the game and no other class can use it quite like Druid can. Druid already has very powerful cheap spells and when paired with Kael’thas can cheat out expensive card draw spells like Overflow and Ultimate Infestation. Overgrowth also likely makes the cut being a powerful ramping tool. Of the three lists featured one is the more traditional list with Ysera, Unleashed as a late game bomb and an anti-aggro package with Oaken Summons, then a more late game bomb version with Overgrowth and Yogg, and then a list to test involving the new card Fungal Fortunes.


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