[Theorycraft] Pirate Warrior – Alphacord

[Theorycraft] Pirate Warrior - Alphacord

Alphacord Discord: While struggling to close out the game when it runs out of steam unlike Galakrond Warrior, Pirate Warrior is often faster and still a very fine deck. This deck also runs the typical pirate package (the deck is named so), however instead of invoke cards it has weapon synergies. Cards like Upgrade! and Bloodsail Cultist can create some beefy weapons and allow more value out of Ancharrr. Big weapons allow for cheap, often free, Dread Corsairs for insane tempo. Constant attacks with your hero and charge minions help close out the game. The deck sometimes runs silence effects like Shieldbreaker or Spellbreaker, Maiev Shadowsong could be a new card from AoO that could be tested in that spot.


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