[Theorycraft] Reno Anti-Meta Warlock – Alphacord

[Theorycraft] Reno Anti-Meta Warlock - Alphacord

Alphacord Discord: Renolock used to be the premier Reno deck, however with Reno Mage utilizing Time Warp and Raza being unnerfed, it struggles winning against other control decks whose win condition is often better. Now the deck does have good disruption tools such as Gnomeferatu, Loatheb, and a perfectly timed Dirty Rat or Unseen Saboteur. Unfortunately, these disruption tools are often based on variance and poor RNG can lose you the game no matter how perfectly timed your disruption tool was played. The deck still has access to the strong highlander cards, Bloodreaver Gul’dan (one of the best heroes in the game), and overpowered board clears like Plague of Flames, Defile, and Dark Skies; All of which still allow the deck to be competitive and still have a place in the meta.


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