[Theorycraft] Secret Mage – Alphacord

[Theorycraft] Secret Mage - Alphacord

Alphacord Discord: “Suffering” from too many synergistic cards, Secret Mage is one of the most powerful aggro decks in all of wild and likely gains the new tool Netherwind Portal in its arsenal.

The deck uses Kabal Lackey and Kirin Tor Mage to cheat out secrets for free from hand. This along with many ways to tutor secrets (see Ancient Mysteries, Arcanologist, and Mad Scientist) creates turn after turn where your opponent has to do their best to play around the various disruptive secrets at hand. The deck has some of the most efficient burn cards in the game including Cloud Prince which is basically a one mana 4/4. Plus, the deck gained Arcane Flakmage and Flameward which helped the deck improve its matchup against flood decks that used to feed on its archetype. And let’s not forget Aluneth, the most powerful card in the deck, that often allows the mage to draw its entire deck if not answered. Look out for this one, it’s fairly inexpensive and powerful.


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