Aggro Druid #335 Legend – Rothmorthau

Aggro Druid #335 Legend - Rothmorthau
Proof Rothmorthau

Embiggen is key. You can cast one Embiggen while holding Drek’Thar (but not two).
Parachute Brigands and Patches the Pirate are much more powerful when they come out for free from Embiggen.
Stonetusk Boar and Crabriders for immediate board/face action when played or summoned by Drek’Thar.
Composting, Aquatic Form, Sir Finley, and Moonlit Guidance to draw into your Embiggen, Drek’Thar, or board buffs.
Mark of the Lotus, Arbor Up, and Clawfury Adept all significantly pump up your big boards.
Jerry Rig Carpenter is a pirate to pull Parachute Brigands and Patches the Pirate. It also pulls Living roots which gives you cheap over the top damage or cheap board to pair with buffs or Composting.
I went from 1100 legend to 335 legend on NA post patch.

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