Darkglare Warlock #11 Legend – Keken

Darkglare Warlock #11 Legend - Keken
Proof Keken
  • i played 2 variants
    • one with 0 cheaty anklebiter and 1 arcane golem (hit legend with, 4-0)
    • and other with 1 cheaty anklebiter (12-7)
    • total 16-7
  • I don’t think arcane golem nor leeroy is worth it in darkglare though, both are niche pocket meta choices imo, especially with tamsin being a card.
  • zephrys can still be ran if big priests and mill rogues are the bother for one.
  • cheaty anklebiter is definitely still worth running over arcane golem bc of the survivability boost it grants with Power Overwhelming, i just tested it out to see if it is good
  • Note: 2 spirit bombs is a must with tax paladin being a popular deck in the meta
  • Second note: running defile is considerable in the current meta.

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