Evolve Calculator

Evolve Calculator

A Reddit user named tupiniquim published a tool for Quest Shaman. You simply add your deck code on a website and you will see if it’s worth or not to mutate a minion in your deck. If you want to see a picture bigger simply click on it.

Do you need stats? Play Mutate on Mogu Fleshshaper to get a 5.2/6.5 minion, do it twice to get a 6.9/8.6
Even better is to do it on Former Champ and get +3.6/+4.1 with your Mutate.

You need a lifesteal or taunt minion? Do it on Lifedrinker and get that juice Zilliax (in 1.14% of cases).

Simply visit the website (this is a newer version by the Reddit user FrigOffNewReddit) with the tool and enter your deck code. You will get an overview of what evolve targets you can get.

You are playing Quest Rogue and you got mutate out of a random effect, you can use the tool too to see on what minion it’s the best. Sadly this tool doesn’t work for wild (and also not with the newest Event cards).

If you have tested the tool and want to give feedback, visit the Reddit post!

With the newest Update Doom in the Tomb we feature some decks and the outcomes you can expect.

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