Fix Coming for Battlegrounds Animation Issues


When you started playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds after the newest Patch you maybe experienced that a lot of animations skipped.

This will be fixed in the next weeks, the reason for it is a change to detect low-end devices.

We’re planning to fix [the Problem] in the coming weeks.

[bluepost] Source: Fix Coming for Battlegrounds Animation Issues by CM Kaeyoh

Hey everyone,

We’ve been receiving several reports of players experiencing animation issues in Battlegrounds since the launch of the 16.6 patch. This is a result of a change to our Battlegrounds animation catch-up for low end devices. Before 16.6, we would skip animations when we detected FPS drops in Battlegrounds so players wouldn’t have their turn skipped; this worked well but was inconsistent with the amount of time players had back in the Shop phase. In 16.6, we changed this to be more consistent so that players would have a more normalized amount of time back in the shop. However, we’ve heard from many of you that the animation skips are affecting a larger number of players than we intended, which is something we’re planning to fix in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we get it sorted! [/bluepost]

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