Hearthstone Duels 12 Win Priest – joouiie
(Mind Tether | Shadow Word: Void)

[OUTDATED - DUELS GOT REMOVED] Duels sadly got removed on April 16th 2024, but you might enjoy Standard or Wild Decks!

Hearthstone Duels 12 Win Priest - joouiie
Proof joouiie

Mode: Heroic Duels
MMR: 5880
Passives: Sticky Fingers & Legendary Loot

Weapon was instrumental: druid 10 mana weapon won me 3 games easily; paladin DR weapon as well. As draw is a big issue for machine-gun priest I went for steal/copy, which was symbiotic with Fingers. Lyra can be replaced, I just play the card cause I love it. And, of course, the Locusts were incredible as well, especially vs Diablos (usually was playable at their weakest, on or around the part III of lock quest).


Hero, Hero Power & Signature Treasure

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