Hearthstone Patch 22.0 Hotfix – Refunds for Vanndar & Drek’Thar

drek'thar or vanndar

We get Hotfixes after a Patch regularly, but this one is huge.

The biggest points:

  • Refund offered for both Vanndar and Drek’Thar (not live yet)
  • Adjusted how Mercenaries ratings are calculated to generally award more rating for a win, but not lose more rating for a loss
  • Korrak’s refund period continues until Dec 18

Systems & Initial Game Designer on Hearthstone Chadd Nervig shared inside behind the dust refunds on Drek’thar and Vanndar; I recommended checking it out!

12/10 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix that includes the following updates:
• Fixes a bug with Pathmaker’s effect display in match history tiles.
• Fixes a bug where Pride Seeker’s effect did not persist after Celestial Alignment.
• Fixes a bug where Snowfall Graveyard was causing slow downs or crashes if active while certain animations are triggered.
• Fixes a bug where Maestra of the Masquerade doubled your Armor when you reveal yourself.
• Fixes a bug where Iceblood Tower could allow for the player to make a Discover choice at the end of their turn. The selection will now be automatic and random.
• Fixes a bug where Bloodsworn Mercenary caused crashes.
• Fixes a bug where the Alterac Valley game board was not appearing in games.
• Fixes a bug where Vanndar and Drek’Thar weren’t counting towards “Collect Legendary Alterac Valley” achievements.
• Resumes Korrak’s full refund period that was unintentionally cut short. The refund period will continue until December 18.
• Adjusts how Mercenaries ratings are calculated to generally award more rating for a win, but not lose more rating for a loss. The intent of this change is to make it so that more players can aspire to reach the top rating level (currently 12,000). We will continue to monitor ratings and make any further adjustments necessary in future updates.
• Adjusts Mercenaries product logic for “random Mercenary”-type products. Previously, if you bought a product of this type while already owning all Mercenaries within that category (such as “Random Epic Mercenary” product when you already had all Epic Mercenaries), you would receive Coins for a random selection from that category. Now, in those situations you will first receive a random missing Portrait from a Mercenary within that category and will only receive Coins if you also have all Portraits for all Mercenaries within that category.
• Increases Sky Admiral Rogers’s Firing Position damage (at Rank 5, damage increased from 20 to 25).
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Mr. Smite’s Sharpened Scabbard was adding damage while Mr. Smite was on the bench.
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Vanessa VanCleef’s Sifting Sachels would sometimes fail to add a Cooldown for what it copies.
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Valeera would sometimes not receive her Speed buff while she has Stealth.
• Fixes a bug causing crashes in Mercenaries Fighting Pit games versus A.I. opponents.
• Fixes a bug where products that offer random Mercenaries Portraits would give Mercenary Coins instead of a Portrait if the Portrait randomly awarded would have been the last missing Portrait for that particular Mercenary.

On another note, the team has decided to extend the start-of-rewards-track refund logic to also apply to Vanndar and Drek’Thar. Although these cards do not meet the circumstances we normally use to apply refund logic, we have heard your feedback that an exception in this instance will make for a better play experience for many players. The decision to add this refund logic was finalized after this hotfix was put together, so the refund period has not been enabled yet. We will update our messaging once that refund period has started. After that refund period goes live, players who already disenchanted Drek’Thar or Vanndar will automatically receive additional dust to make up for not receiving full value.

We will update this post when we have more information.

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