Hearthstone Update 16.0.3

A patch for Hearthstone just went out, Changes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sidequests to prevent Questing Explorer from drawing a card.

  • Fixed an issue where Storm Egg had Rush.

  • Fixed an issue with the Happy Hallow’s End quest that could prevent players from completing it.

  • [Tombs of Terror] Fixed an issue that could cause the Battle Scars anomaly to prevent the player from progressing after ending a plague lord encounter with a tie.

  • [Tombs of Terror] Fixed an issue with Murky’s Battle Horn that could cause both heroes to be destroyed.

  • [Arena] Dragonmaw Poacher is no longer draftable.

  • [Arena] Lightforged Zealot is no longer draftable.

  • [Hearthstone Battlegrounds] Primalfin Lookout has been moved from Tavern Tier 4

  • to Tavern Tier 5.

Good News: This is not the only update before the Holidays!


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