Highlander Rogue #196 Legend – Glancealot | Bounty for #1 Legend

Highlander Rogue #196 Legend - Glancealot

[ENDED] Bounty for #1 Legend

Sponsored by Glancealot

One player will receive $100 (CAD) for:

  • Climbing to #1 on NA or EU with Highlander Rogue without Galakrond (don’t need to be this exact version)

Proof is needed, examples for it:

  • Doing so on stream or
  • Sharing replays and screenshot of such replays associated with the climb

A minimum of 50 games at top 100 legend is required; only the first players reaching this is eligible for the bounty.

We will send payments via Paypal; it would be around 65€ or $80 (USD).
Send proof via email: 

We can end this competition at any time without giving any reason. 
The judges’ decision is final.

Very comfortable with the list, the only card I am not 100% sure is Cold blood. I don’t think weapon tech is needed (in addition to Shadowweaver) even in today’s meta. This deck has a very high skill cap and very thin margin of error, there is usually 1~2 critical turns per game where the optimal/inferior execution would mean a victory/loss. It is very different from regular rogue where you have a lot of resources and outs. The most important thing is to review every single loss. I would say more than 50% of the losses of mine were the result of poor execution on my part.


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