How good is the new Shaman Weapon “The Fist of Ra-den”?

How good is The Fist of Ra-den

So... how good is the new Shaman Legendary?

The new Solo Adventure “Galakrond’s Awakening” will feature 35 new Cards, one of them is the new Shaman Weapon “The Fist of Ra-den”.

Below is a list of all Legendaries you can get, including what spell you would play for it.

Note: You can discount Spells with Far Sight or Haunting Vision. You can also get Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Faceless Lackey or other random effects.

When playing the card will you be lucky and get Nozdormu the Timeless after you played Hex or do you get Azalina Soulthief after you play Earthshake?

We are kinda excited to see if the new Card will be played in a top tier meta Deck or if it’s only will be played in a crazy off-meta deck.

Average Stats

Note that a lot of cards have card effects, most of them positive for you!

  • 1 Mana – 1/1
  • 2 Mana – 1.8/2.6
  • 3 Mana – 2.6 / 3.1
  • 4 Mana – 3.4/4.6
    • This was assuming Harbringer celestia is effectively a 3/3
  • 5 Mana – 3.8/4.3
  • 6 Mana – 4.9/ 5.4
  • 7 Mana – 5/6.2
  • 8 Mana – 6/6.8
  • 9 Mana – 6/8.8
  • 10 Mana – 7.7/9.3

Thanks to Pledge__ for providing this info!

0 Mana

There is currently no Legendary at the cost of 0 Mana.

If there are no minions at that Cost, it will not trigger and it will not lose a Durability. (Source)

1 Mana

Spells: Blazing Invocation, Earth Shock, Forked Lightning, Frost Shock, Lightning Bolt, Storm’s Wrath, Totemic Smash, Voltaic Burst, Corrupt the Waters

2 Mana

Spells: Ancestral Spirit, Big Bad Voodoo, Earthen Might, Elementary Reaction, Explosive Evolution, Invocation of Frost, Rockbiter Weapon, Soul of the Murloc, Windfury, Witch’s Brew.

3 Mana

Spells: Farsight, Feral Spirit, Haunting Visions, Lava Burst, Lightning Breath, Lightning Storm, Plague of Murlocs

5 Mana

Spells: Bloodlust, Dragon’s Pack, Hagatha’s Scheme

6 Mana

Spells: Eureka!, Rain of Toads, The Storm Bringer

10 Mana

Spells: Eye of the Storm

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