Pirate Rogue #484 Legend – EmeraldOrc (Score: 17-6)

Pirate Rogue #484 Legend - EmeraldOrc
Proof EmeraldOrc

17-6 today with some Pirate Rogue to #484 NA. Deck feels really solid right now, Shinyfinders overall lead to more consistent t3 Swordfishes than Raiding Party. I feel pretty confident about 28/30 of the list. Kael’thas is this deck’s worst matchup, so 2x Delight is my flex slots of choice. It also happens to be decent for the boars if you don’t happen to have a taunt. Mull for a way to find a Swordfish (its the most busted card in the deck, by far), if you have a t1 pirate that’s cool too. Look for SDDs against druid, Fillet/Prize in the mirror, Dreads against Switcheroo, and remember to save board room for your Charge minions against Shaman. Just please don’t play Southsea Captain.

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