Questline Shaman #481 Legend – deadRooster

Questline Shaman #481 Legend - deadRooster
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Works shockingly well in this meta, my list is pretty different from what I’ve seen because it essentially plays for board with taunts, removals, & heals whereas other overload lists try to rush the quest completion – you aren’t trying to burst until you complete quest. Feels favored into most of the “meta” decks (pirate rogue, even shaman, shudder, quest druid), with secret mage being the hardest. You typically pop off with frog later than normal overload shaman, and Bracing Cold & Haunting visions let you “reset” the ladder on frog 1/2/3 -> 0 mana spell. I understand etc is odd (chill vibes, secret eater, sticky), but its effective – 90% of the time you take chill vibes but eater lets you beat quest mage & sticky obviously for kingsbane)

  • Generally always keep 1 frog, Ice Fishing, 1 lightning bloom, and any ancestral knowledge.
  • Shaman – Assume you are facing even, so keep schooling & if it’s even shaman play this before quest. Try to frog -> 1 cost spells to draw icefishing. Save flurgl combo until even shaman commits to the board while using burn spells as removal.
  • Rogue – Keep schooling in case of pirate & etc in case of kingsbane. Stall out with taunts
  • Druid – Assume its quest, you have 5 taunts in the form of quest, wolves, and chill vibes (1 in etc). If you complete quest you have potentially much more. Their armor isn’t a problem once you complete quest.
  • E.T.C.’s Band:
    # 1x (5) Kobold Stickyfinger
    # 1x (3) Chill Vibes
    # 1x (4) Eater of Secrets

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