[Theorycraft] Beast Hunter – HynraAndersen

[Theorycraft] Beast Hunter - HynraAndersen

Main Plan:

  • Utilize early game secrets to setup for Petting Zoo
  • Scarlet Webweaver discounts the 5 costs beast while also acting as an activator for Fleethoof Pearltusk.
  • Trampling Rhino fights for the board while also applying face damage.
  • Tundra Rhino allows the other beasts to have charge, with the discount from the >Scarlet Webweaver this can be a 10 damage combo if paired with a Fleethoof Pearltusk the turn after Scarlet Webweaver was played.

Support Cards:

  • Unleash the Beast summons a 5/5 beast while still having the Twin Spell effect, allowing to activate Fleethoof Pearltusk while also summoning a threat on board.
  • Diving Gryphon and Scavenger’s Ingenuity draws into the high burst combo early game. Despite Dicing Gryphon being a beast, it should be played early game most the time which decreases the chance of Scarlet Webweaver to have a bad target.
  • Don’t Feed the Animals buff’s threats in hand while collecting combo pieces which also activates its corrupt effect.
  • Ramkahen Wildtamer copies a random combo piece in hand allowing for more burst value in the future.

After playing the charge combo on turn 7 right after the Scarlet Webweaver discount, Beastmaster Leoroxx can be played to summon extra beasts in hand to finish the game.


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