[Theorycraft] Quest Malygos Druid – TekkenJLN

[Theorycraft] Quest Malygos Druid - TekkenJLN

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I think Quest Druid will be really strong especially when you add a new card like Ysera and a special dragon like Malygos. Ysera’s portals are cool ( Malygos would like be summoned ) and Frizz plus Petalflorist allows the deck to play those x2 dragons for 7 mana so (innervate + swipe or 0 mana malygos/ysera potentially). A new addition is the 1 mana spell that gives you a decent taunt instead of healing your face when you don’t need,(by using hidden oasis for a taunt). Overflow can be really really strong now! x1 or x2 swipes/moonf will depend of meta tiers for sure. When we talk about theorycraft we imagine soo manyyy changess but we are expert, most of the times the best theorycrafts are the ones which upgrade something really strong already so Maybe this one would be one of those.


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