This week’s Tavern Brawl is “Road to Northrend”

Road to Northrend

Name: Road to Northrend

Description: For the final Conflict against E.V.I.L., Reno Jackson must conjure a portal to Northrend! If only he knew how…

Reward: One classic Pack

Format: Dungeon Run-style — prebuilt decks against PVE bosses. You start with 4 decks to choose from: Elise (druid), Brann (hunter), Reno (mage) and Finley (paladin), and there are 5 “deck logged” icons that hint at more decks unlocked as you log play-throughs and wins in this event.

Challenge 1: Reno's Junkpile

Hero Power – Rummaged (Passive Hero Power): When damaged, draw and cast a spell form your deck (Random targets)

Challenge 2: Orgrimmar Guard

Hero Power – Curious Bystander (2 Mana): Summon a random Orgrimmar citizen (Auto-cast)

Challenge 3: Primodino

Hero Power – Closer Than It Looks (2 Mana): Destroy the left-most enemy minion. (Auto-cast)

Challenge 4: White King

Hero Power – Castle (2 Mana): Discover a chess piece

Challenge 5: Bookmaster Bae Chao

Hero Power – Shhh! (3 Mana): Silence ALL minions.

Challenge 6: Tak Nozwhisker

Hero Power – Make Enemies (Passive Hero Power): Whenever Tak shuffles a card into his deck, add a copy to his hand.

Challenge 7: Murgatha

Hero Power – Mrrgl-ution (0 Mana): Transform a friendly minion into a random murloc that costs (1) more. Max cost: (5)

Challenge 8: Elise Starseeker

Hero Power – Druidic Teaching (2 Mana): Resore 2 Health, then draw a card if the target is at full Health.

Note: We aren’t sure what Hero would be shown if you picked Elise at the begin. In our case we played this run with Sir Finley