[Workaround] How to fix the Queue Problem in Hearthstone Duels

How to fix the Queue Bug in Hearthstone Duels

With the latest Patch of Hearthstone, many new players wanted to check out Hearthstone Duels because of a Legendary Quest Chain that rewards you with a Skin if you play three Duels games.

Sadly, many players have problems finding a match – thinking it might be because of a low number of players.

Tho, this seems not to be accurate, but rather a big.

Thanks to Andy Guo, we found a workaround to the problem, and it’s easier than you might think!

Queue Bug Workaround

What you need to do is actually really simple:

Simply start a game of Duels and look for the time assumption. Does it not show up in the first 10 seconds and instead look like the image below? If so, you are in a fake queue and will never find a match, even if it shows after the first 10 seconds.

Finding Opponent

You need to click on cancel now and try again till you see the Time Assumption in the first few seconds – if you do so, you are in the real queue and will find an opponent!

Finding Opponent with Queue Time


Thanks to Andy Guo for the good catch – you can find his Youtube Video explaining the workaround below!

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