Hearthstone Duels 12 Win Diablo – Dreamyespresso
(Primal Power | Fire Stomp)

[OUTDATED - DUELS GOT REMOVED] Duels sadly got removed on April 16th 2024, but you might enjoy Standard or Wild Decks!

Hearthstone Duels 12 Win Diablo - Dreamyespresso
Proof Dreamyespresso

Mode: Heroic Duels
Passives: Fireshaper & Ooops, All Spells!

Now this deck went from being just your standard questlock Diablo to an absolute powerhouse with Oops, all spells! You definitely just want to focus on finishing quest as fast as possible, and with a pretty light deck, you’ll be fatiguing in no time. If you do luck out with and get Oops, all Spells! you want to aim for alot of cheap draw in your buckets early then just avoid any bucket with sub-optimal cards.


Hero, Hero Power & Signature Treasure

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