Mercenaries Frost Build by Mackie26 (8073 MMR)

Proof Mackie26

The new good freeze build. Always start with Jaina, Varden, Tirion. Get Tirion death as fast as possible. Go for divine shield on Jaina if it helps her live one more turn otherwise keep attacking so Tirion dies fast. When he dies then you can go Diablo if they have 2 blues. Illidan is good as well if there’s an scary caster that needs to be removed or if an opposing protector would remove your Diablo too easily. If they have double Protector or Fighter go Cairne instead. End-game is good ol’ Cairne Diablo but keep in mind that you can nuke any left-most merc (regardless of color) due to Apocalypse into Outcast Attack with Illidan thanks to the equipment. Everyone’s maxed but Tirion as you want him to die as fast as possible.

Jaina: Iceblock Talisman 4
Varden: Chilling Amulet 4
Tirion: Ashbringer 4
Illidan: Warglaives of Azzinoth 4
Cairne: Reincarnation 4
Diablo: Black Soulstone 4

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