New Data: Rank distribution in November 2019

You are better than you think - Newest Ranking distribution data

Maybe you are currently playing at rank 10 and you never thought about it, but it would be cool to know how good you are really – what is the Rank Distribution in Hearthstone?

Well good news, since Senior Game Designer Iksar published the newest Data for November 2019, this is the first time after 5 years we see this data and you might be surprised how the distribution changed.

Hearthstone Ranks

How many players are at your Rank?

Your current rank doesn’t show you how good you are really. At the end of the day, it’s a game. No one but you cares if you hit legend.

Stilll you might be interested how good you are really:

  • 100% reached at least rank 25 in this list, 63% are between rank 25 and 16
  • 37% reached at least rank 15, 19% are between rank 15 and 11
  • 18% reached at least rank 10, 12% are between rank 10 and 6
  • 6% reached at least rank 5, 6% are between rank 5 and 1
  • 0.3% reached Legend
Ranking Percentage November 2019

2019 compared to 2014

Rank 1-52%6%+4%
Rank 6-105.5%12%+6.5%
Rank 11-1517.5%19%+1.5%
Rank 16-2575%63%-12%

We see the numbers have changed: More people hit higher ranks, we see a big differents for Rank 1-10.

Why? Back in the days if you reached Legend you started at rank 16, now you start at rank 4 which is a big differents. Almost all players now that are able to reach Legend will end at rank 5 or better, in the past this was different.

In General Hearthstone got a lot less grindy, if you get on average one star a day you will grind 2 ranks each month. Players will take the game more casual, this is why I think less players hit legend, even if it should be general easier to hit it nowadays.

If you want to learn to rank to Legend I can highly recommend my article “Getting Legend in 2020 – An comprehensive guide“, in this over 5.000 words article I try to explain everything it needs to become the 0.3% of Hearthstone.

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