Announcing TITANS, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

Announcing TITANS

Before the age of mortals, the titans came to the world. These massive beings used arcane magic and ancient technology to imprison the Old Gods and bring order to the nascent planet. They imbued their keepers with celestial powers to watch over the planet and help forge the many beings that would inhabit it. This is what myths are made of. This is TITANS!

TITANS will launch worldwide on August 1, with 145 new cards! You can find the full TITANS reveal schedule, and all the cards that have already been revealed, by visiting the official Card Library. Check back frequently—the page will be updated with new cards daily!


Legendary Titans and Keepers

Each class gets a Titan, a celestial being born of a world-soul like Azeroth’s. Minions with the new Titan keyword have three special activated abilities that they use instead of their normal attack. Each turn, including the turn you play them, you can choose to activate one of those abilities. Once an ability is used, that ability can’t be chosen again. Once all three abilities have been used, the Titan attacks normally instead of with its abilities.

The Titans created powerful keepers that they imbued with some of their power. The keepers were left to create, nourish, and protect the fledgling life on the planet. The denizens of Azeroth would worship these keepers like they were gods, and many great myths were written about them. Each class gets one of these world-shaping Legendary minions!

Keep an eye out for a dedicated Titans Lore Blog, coming soon, in which we’ll share more about these powerful beings and their impact on Azeroth.


New Keyword: Forge

Like the titans and the keepers, you can hold the power of creation in your hand! Cards with the Forge keyword can be dragged over to your deck and upgraded into its Forged form for two mana.


Returning Keyword: Magnetic

The titans brought advanced technologies to Azeroth, creating massive cities, complex machinery, and mechanical beings. Some of these ancient Mechs come with the returning keyword, Magnetic. Magnetic minions can be magnetized to other Mechs already in play.


Prison of Yogg-Saron Login Reward Available Now!

After the titan-forged armies defeated the Old Gods, the keepers were tasked with watching over their prisons. The power of the Old Gods was contained for a time, but now their influence has started seeping through.

You hear Yogg-Saron whispering to you, “Login now to get the Legendary card, Prison of Yogg-Saron, Hearthstone’s first-ever neutral Location!”* Don’t try to resist, Yogg-Saron can give you just what you need to win your game. Surely, nothing bad will happen if you were to use just a little bit of its power…

* Limited one per account. After Patch 27.6, Prison of Yogg-Saron will be granted upon opening your first TITANS pack, instead of upon logging in.


New Signature Looks

The Signature cards in TITANS will have a new art style, representing their history, mythology, and grandeur. Here’s an example from the TITANS set:

There are a total of 15 different Signature cards in TITANS. Signature cards can be disenchanted for the same value as if they were Golden cards, but Signature cards can’t be crafted. Instead, they can only be opened in packs, purchased in shop offerings, or earned through special means, like in-game events.

For full odds and disclosure rates, see the disclosure site.


Pre-Purchase TITANS

The TITANS Mega Bundle includes 80 TITANS card packs, 5 Golden TITANS card packs, 1 random TITANS Signature Legendary card, 1 random TITANS Golden Legendary card, 1 Diamond Zilliax Legendary card, the Inge Death Knight Hero Skin, and the Inge card back!

The TITANS Bundle includes 60 TITANS card packs, 2 random TITANS Legendary cards, and the Inge card back!

Pre-Purchase bundles will only be available until the launch of TITANS on August 1. Get them early so you don’t miss your chance to grab these titan-tastic deals!


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