Legends of Runeterra: Draftmode

Legends of Runeterra Roadmap

On November 14 Legends of Runeterra will be in the second Beta November 14-19. Similiar to Hearthstone the Game has an Draft Mode, this is their trailer:

LoR Expedition

In Hearthstone you get to choose 30 times for one card out of 3 options. In Runeterra you choose 15 times for three card each out of 3 options.

Each pick offers a different, random combination of champions, units, and spells – the cards in each pick are bundled together based on deck archetypes, there are over 20 archetype to pick from.

As you continue to drafting your deck, you’ll alternate between two types of picks: Synergy and Wild! Synergy are based on the archetypes you chose previously; Wild pick are not based on your archetype.

Normaly in Runeterra you can only combine cards from two regions, but in Draft you can choose from three different ones.

After each match, you get another chance to upgrade your deck, you will be able to trade cards to make your deck stronger – there is not the normal limit of only 3 copies of a single card.

LoR Champion Pick
LoR Synergy Pick
LoR Wild Pick

Win your Rewards

Your trail continues until you either win seven matches or lose two consecutive ones.

Every Expedition consits of two trails, and the better performance determines your reward.



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