Mercenaries Arcane Nature Build by IsekaiTruck (12102 MMR)


Starting Comp: Khadgar, Xuen & Medivh

Khadgar – Bakin’ Bacon 4
Xuen – Celestial Chestplate 4
Medivh – Unstable Runes 4
Baine – Totemic Mastery 4
Tyrande – Band of the Wilds 4
Maestra – Mask of Mimicry 4

I managed to climb to 12k after the latest mercenary’s patch with 2 of the newest mercenaries, Khadgar & Medivh in a arcane/nature comp that’s had some amazing results vs trigore/Y’shaarj shadow teams.

Medivh is the star of the show thanks to his equipment spawning a 0/10 rune that counters the first ability used. You can use this to not only hard counter trigore openers but also serves as a 4th minion to enable your maestra to hit 2 enemys turn 1 with her equipment after xuen attacks. his abilitys are also really good too, with his 2nd skill being a +15 taunt that gives extra arcane damage if attacked and the 3rd summoning ravens that are almost spell immune and can quickly ramp up damage if ignored.

Khadgar serves as both a elise buffer on steroids and a potential endgame win condition since with his equipment he not only starts with the ability to +5/12 on turn 1 but only needs to cast 2 abilitys to turn into archmage khadgar instead of 2, you’ll be using him to either buff both your xuen/maestra or kill off any remaining red mercenaries like lokholar+trigore

Xuen serves as a late-game win-con versus shadow comps as he can get a ton of extra attack with his pounce then combo tyrande’s 3rd spell+nature equipment with his 3rd spell eliminating alot of minions+blue mercs in 1 go while giving him a ton of extra attack. You can also combo this with Baines 3rd skill to deal 100 damage to any remaining green mercenaries while his totem helps to soak damage.

This comp has been super strong versus trigore or shadow y’shaarj comps & the only losses out of 20 games being lokholar frost comps which this deck is weak too

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