Mercenaries Shadow Build by Nara (8857 MMR)

Proof Nara

Starting Composition: Xyrella, Samuro & Varden

Equipment: Blademaster Samuro (Burning Blade) / Varden Dawngrasp (Chilling Amulet) / Xyrella (Radiant Wand) / Vol’jin (Ring of Haste) / Sylvanas (Death Volley) / Cairne Bloodhoof (Reincarnation)

Start with Xyrella, Samuro, Varden and put Samuro always in the middle to play around Lichking (Reorder and put Xyrella in the middle later to play around Ragnaros/Chain Lightning).
Against Nature full focus Malfurion Turn 1 and either finish him with Blinding Luminance + Flurry or Mirror Image Turn 2 (depending on if and who your opponent used Muddy Footing on Turn 1).
After you killed Malfurion and your Samuro died, your opponent most likely plays Cairne, which you easily answer with Vol’jin and your other two casters still on the board. Make sure to keep your opponents Speeds and Cooldowns in check to get some unexpected Cold Snaps and Ice Lances off to kill Cairne before Diablo comes down and prevent Bru’kans Chain Lightning.
If you managed to neutralize Cairne, while simultaneously wearing down Bru’kan and Guff with your AOE’s and your Vol’jin + Xyrella died, Cairnes Stomp will take care of Bru’kan and Guff and Sylvanas will counter Blinkfox and Diablo. The opponents Blinkfox either starts with Blinding Luminance, Flurry or Double Strike, which are all useless at this point.
Start with Reclaimed Souls on Sylvanas to give the opponents Blinkfox yet another useless Ability next Turn and either use stomp or Aura if you can get an Ice Lance on Diablo off or if you need the speed advantage this turn or next turn. Then finish the Fox with Banshee Bolt + Flurry/Vardens Deathrattle/Cold Snap or Cairnes Uppercut and from here on not just Sylvanas, but also Cairne win a 1v1 VS Diablo. In the worst Case Scenario Sylvanas’ Deathrattle will secure a tie.

In most other match-ups you either focus Samuro, Varden, Lichking, Geddon or Thrall Turn 1 and your gameplan becomes similar to the Nature matchup after you killed Malfurion.
Your worst match-up is Beasts, but if you play it right, using Blinding Luminance on King Krush and hitting Muklas Brother with Double Strike Turn 1, you can force it to hit your immune Samuro Turn 2.

I climbed exlusively with this Deck from 7k MMR to 8857 EU, beating top 10 ranked players multiple times, even after they knew my comp and think this deck has no auto-lose match-ups, but a few match-ups that are heaviliy weighted by a 50/50 Turn 1 or 2.

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