Hearthstone 18.0.1 Patch: Cards can no longer generate themselves

Hearthstone Patch 18.0.1

A new hotfix just went live and it has a massive impact on the game. Discover and card generation cards can no longer summon themselves.

Remember the patch last month where Dragonqueen Alexstrasza got nerfs? This is now a global effect!

[bluepost]Source: 18.0.1 Server Hotfix by Community Manager cmdylux

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a hotfix going out later today that includes significant changes to the Discover keyword and randomly generated cards:

  • Discover cards can no longer Discover themselves.
  • Cards that ‘generate a random card’ can no longer generate themselves.

Dev comment: Overall, this change is aimed at helping games feel a bit more varied. While generating the same card can be an exciting individual moment, these types of experiences tend to have diminishing returns after a while. These adjustments should make for healthier games against classes with a ton of resource generation.

The hotfix also includes the following:

  • Mr. Bigglesworth is now available in Battlegrounds to all players.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected minion summoned by Jandice Barov would not have the death upon damage enchantment when summoned again with Khadgar.
  • Fixed a bug where Headmaster Kel’Thuzad would not resurrect minions that were destroyed from being returned to a full hand.

These changes will take place on the server side, so you won’t have to download anything if you’ve already updated to 18.0.


[bluepost] Source: Comment by Community Manager cmdylux

This hotfix is live now! Also to clarify how it works for a card like Shadow Visions—you’re still able to Discover a second copy of Shadow Visions if you have one in your deck.


» Affected Cards (Standard)

Note that the statement above made it clear that cards that are based on other factors like minions that died, cards in your opponent hand, etc. shouldn’t be affected by this change.

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