Mercenaries Beast Shadow Build by _Sam_san (7046 MMR)


Starting Composition (Source):
Rexxar, King Krush & Rexxar

Equipment (Source):
King Mukla – Mukla’s Big Brother
King Krush – Flaming Claws
Rexxar – Mama Bear’s Claws
Sylvanas – Death Volley
Vol’jin – Ring of Haste
Tamsin – Last Rites

When they eliminate one of the three [in the starting comp], usually Krush, I take out Tamsin with his third ability to accumulate shadow damage, the next to come out is usually voljin, which with the speed it grants Tamsin they make a very good combo. The last one is always Sylvanas, using her 2nd ability to increase her attack and clear the opponent’s table.

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